Frequently Asked Questions


I have no money to invest right now. Will you help?

Yes, please book a counselling session. I will help you figure out how to set aside funds from your earnings to invest.

I am about to start a business. How can you help?

We help you put together a business plan and a financial plan for your business.

Do you help with real estate investments?

I help with real estate advisory services, to guide you with the correct real estate investment decisions.

Which assets will you help me invest ?

We advise on Insurance, Fixed Deposits, EPF, PPF, Bonds, Equities, Mutual Funds, Real Estate and, Gold. Our aim is to guide you at a Strategic level across all investment products based on your needs.

I just want to understand finance before investing. Will you help?

Yes, let us get some friends together and do a financial education session. Alternately, we could schedule an exclusive training session online.

Can you help with funding my business?

A lot of schemes are available through government and financial institutes. We handhold you to approach them and put together your pitch.

How much do you charge for investment advisory ?

Advisory fees depend on the services required by the client. There is a one-time Planning Fee and a retainer fee that is applicable.

Will my money get locked-in if i invest with you?

No. The money is available when you need it.

How do i start investment ?

First, I help you assess the current financial requirement and your current situation. Then I create an investment plan for you. Investments are done based on this plan. You can fill up the form on the homepage if you are ready to start.

+91 97891 46788

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+91 97891 46788

RIA Code INA200009582